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Listen free and buy the 12-song debut album right now on Bandcamp.

They Stole My Crayon's 12-song debut album can be streamed at Bandcamp for five free listens, and is available for only $7 USD via download in a variety of very high quality files. The album was mastered by Geoff Pesche, senior mastering engineer at Abbey Road Studios (London, UK). Album downloads include a 12-page digital booklet with lyrics and art.


They Stole My Crayon’s 2016 Debut Release Review

by Pato Milo

Put on your wizard hat and cape and smoke a long pipe with your long grey beard. And have on some pointy slippers too: This is stoner rock through and through. Streams of folk, psych, and prog rock swirl in a big metal caldron to create a multi-layered debut album from They Stole My Crayon, a three-pc. from Southern California.

These are musicians who get out of the city. This album is far more pastoral than any LA band that comes to mind. And expansive beyond any trio save for the music of XTC. It’s good to remember that LA beaches are sometimes foggy as lush melodic vocal harmony-based tracks evoke prog/folk conversational markers advanced by experimental English bands Beatles, Pink Floyd, and West Coasters Alice In Chains, Elliott Smith, and Stone Temple Pilots.

These tracks are wrapped in harmonies and twisting with time signature changes. Each, whether it’s a bright ride cymbal/jangle jangle guitar ditty (Bag Of Nothing, Disarmed, Picked Up Off the Floor) or contemplative and deliberate (Got Guilt, Longing On, Things Under Trees) compel images of deep dark hardwood, fine metal, and pristine compressors. Surprises lurk in the shelves of this ancient bookshelf with flute and strings riding along reverb-drenched lead guitar lines.

Pato Milo sings and plays guitar and bass as a member of Dead Cat Hat, a five piece indie rock band from the San Francisco Bay Area formed in 2010.

They Stole My Crayon’s 2016 Debut Release Review

by SusieQ Sharky

So dreamy, heavy and deep.

Ethereal rock with out of this world vocal harmonies, heavy guitars that give way to beautiful melodies, and pyschadelic accompaniment that bring it together.

Favorite track: River Shallows.

Sharky is an Art Techno​logist by trade and a lover of all kinds of music.

about they stole my crayon

They Stole My Crayon are an ethereal alternative music band from Southern California. Comprised of three multi-instrumentalists and vocalists, They Stole My Crayon employs a vast variety of influences and mixes them with beautiful dissonance, fascinating song structures, and an eccentric sense of musicality for an unforgettable experience like no other.

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